Thursday, June 12, 2014

How would Carmelo Anthony fit in Miami?

What's your reaction to the news that the Heat are targeting Melo?

Amin Elhassan, ESPN Insider: Shock. Disbelief. Curiosity. Can Pat Riley pull this off again? Would this unequivocally make him the greatest general manager since Red Auerbach? And could it work?
Tom Haberstroh, I'll believe it when I see it. Not that I don't think they're targeting him. It's Carmelo Anthony, after all. But color me a skeptic. The massive pay cuts sound all well and good now, but walking the walk is a different story when eight-figure amounts are on the line.
Ethan Sherwood Strauss, I'm intrigued, but with some reservations. The Heat are already doing well on offense -- their main problems are on the other side of the ball. They would probably be more potent offensively with Anthony, but his presence wouldn't address what ails them right now: lack of good point guard play and lack of a rim protector.
David Thorpe, ESPN Insider: Mixed. I think there are better "fits," but if he can indeed be as tight a friend and teammate as the others are to each other in Miami, it makes sense. Trust can be a hard thing for players to develop, so perhaps they are already a long way toward that kind of trusting relationship with Melo.
Brian Windhorst, I suspended disbelief with the Heat in 2010. I saw the potential for the Big 3 that year and disregarded it as a possibility. That was a mistake; I'll never underestimate the Heat again.

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